Transient Flows Unimodal sediment

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Colin B. Phillips

Sediment transport experiments with variable water discharge conducted at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota. These experiments explore the effects of flood hydrograph shape on bed-load transport dynamics. The dataset is composed of over 200 individual experimental runs with varying discharge and sediment feed rates for a unimodal sediment mixture with a median size of 7 mm. Raw data included in this data set for each experimental flood includes time series of varying water level and force on the load cell due to the accumulating sediment flux. These data are processed into time series of water depth, dimensional and dimensionless stress, sediment mass, and sediment flux for each run. Accompanying these data are topographic scans of the sediment bed of 1 mm vertical and spatial resolution.

  • Grant Number: EAR-1349776, EAR-1246761, EAR-1344280
  • Principal Investigator(s): C. B. Phillips, K. M. Hill, and C. Paola
  • Funding Institution: National Science Foundation
  • Experiment Site: St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota
  • Creator: Colin B. Phillips
  • Contact:

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