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Used by the SEAD Team to test. Most testing should happen on our internal test server, but this space can be used to test using production code, with data copied from user spaces, etc.

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Testing on SEAD-Test

These files were used for testing on the sead-test instance of SEAD's 1.x software. sead-test was used to prototype new features and bug fixes before new software was rolled out to other spaces. The data include tests where files are corrupt and/or did not work with extractors and previewers. While some papers/presentations are included, this should not be the definitive copy of any files and the entire collection is probably only of 'historical' interest.

Note: 12 files that were uploaded via use of the bookmarklet resulted in Dataset entries with no filename (zero length title and label). These files cannot easily be migrated, so the original entries have been deleted and the files have been reuploaded using the original dataset ids as names.

Also Note: The Collection on 1.5 had several examples of multi-parenting (one item in more than one collection) which have been removed since multiparenting is not supported in 2.0. For non-test collections (e.g. the Chicana space), mutiparent situations have been replaced with a single parent and relationship links between the item and other parents.


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