2014 Backward-Facing Step Flume Experiments

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This dataset includes data from flume experiments run in 2014 at Arizona State University investigating bedload transport and turbulent structures downstream of a 3.81 cm backward-facing step. Two high-speed cameras captured bedload motion and motion of neutrally buoyant particles in the flow at 9 different distance downstream of the backward-facing step. Bedload transport data were collected using manual particle tracking techniques on the bedload images. Neutrally buoyant particle images were run through Particle Image Velocimetry algorithms to generate a two-dimensional field of fluid velocity vectors. Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry data were also recorded to refine fluid velocity measurements.

Data included herein:
(1) Raw bedload images (Sed_raw.zip & sed130.zip)
(2) Raw PIV images (PIV_all.zip)
(3) Bedload transport .csv files (Bedload_Flux_AllRuns.xlsx)
(4) Bedload time series (both downstream [DS] and cross-stream [CS]) .csv files
(5) Bedload Tracking Videos
(6) ADV files (ADV.zip)
(7) Bedload Tracking .csv files (Sediment_Tracking.zip)

This research is in collaboration with Dr. Mark Schmeeckle and was supported by a National Science Foundation research grant (award number: 1226288; PI: Mark Schmeeckle).

Questions regarding this dataset should be directed to Kate Leary (learykcp@gmail.com).

  • Contact: learykcp@gmail.com
  • Funding Institution: National Science Foundation (research grant awarded to Dr. Mark Schmeeckle)
  • Grant Number: award number: 1226288


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